To provide solutions to our clients by offering high quality access equipment for data communication and telecommunication applications and providing expertise in the engineering, design, and installation for the telecommunications industry.


We envision our company to be a telecommunications solution provider, working as a strategic partner with our clients and ensuring that our products and services are of the highest quality and are globally competitive.


TIC Network Solutions Corporation is a company engaged in providing high quality wired and wireless access equipment and services for data communication and telecom applications. TIC Network Solutions Corporation began its wave of expansion by building up its facilities to meet the growing demand for information technology products. Data and internet communications equipment were included in our roster of products. Strong distributorship/reseller contracts with major prestigious and reliable manufacturers and suppliers of data communications equipment like hubs, servers, routers, switches, modems, computer, UPS and internet appliances were forged.


The company is currently supporting major contractors engaged in major telecommunications projects and is progressing into a multi-disciplined telecoms and power engineering group. Because of the increasing demand for highly skilled and specialized contractors for telecommunications projects, TIC Network Solutions Corporation is embarking on a long term investment plan aimed at developing the company into one of the most reliable telecommunication and power engineering company in the Philippines .


These new thrusts are all geared to make TIC Network Solutions Corporation truly responsive to the IT and telecommunications needs of its clients. Since its inception, TIC Network Solutions Corporation has had one pronounced commitment: provide all customers with the best products, best in class customer service and support, through a partnership approach between customer and TIC Network Solutions Corporation.