SDH / SONET Multiplexers

The OPTI Series: SDH multiplexers delivering all the versatility and functionality that service providers need for cost-effective network expansion.




Outside Plant DSLAMs

The Total Access 1100 Series: Compact, environmentally sealed and ideal for deployment in an outdoor environment.  It is a complete DSLAM solution integral with POTS splitters and five-pin lightning protector blocks.





The Total Access 1200 Series: Cost effective, scalable mini-DSLAM for deploying 24 ports of ADSL or SHDSL service with ATM or IP Ethernet network interfaces. These compact devices offer optimum performance and return on investment in low-density DSL markets




Multiservice Access Platforms

The Total Access 3000 Series: Broadband, carrier-class distributed access system consisting of multi service access platform, high capacity DSLAM’s, and network management components for delivering high-speed, high-density TDM, ATM, and IP DSL services.




Metro Ethernet

The Total Access 238: SHDSL transparent Ethernet Bridge that provides low-cost deployment of 10/100Base-T Ethernet over eight industry-standard e.SHDSL bonded interface




Business Class DSL Routers

The NetVanta 300 Series: Cost effective IP routing solutions for business-class DSL networks. Series includes ADSL / ADSL2 /ADSL2+ IP routers as well as an SHDSL IP router.




Ethernet Switches

The NetVanta 1000 Series: Managed layer 2 Ethernet switches for use in networks requiring LAN interconnectivity or network segmentation, including Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet applications.





 Internet Security / Firewalls

The NetVanta 2000 Series: Firewall /Virtual Private Network (VPN) appliances for secure access to corporate information resources over the internet. IPSec-compliant gateways or clients secure connectivity between offices, mobile-workers, and business partners.




IP Access Routers

The NetVanta 3000, 4000, and 5000 Series: Modular 64 kbps to DS3 access routers deliver cost-effective Internet access, Frame Relay, point-to-point connectivity, and Virtual Private Networking at a cost that is significantly lower than other brand name routers.





Point-to-Point Microwave Radio

The TRACER Series: Microwave radio systems for use in booth carrier and enterprise networks. Service options range from dual, quad, and octal E1 wide area connectivity. These systems offer a cost-effective alternative to wireline, and are suitable for LAN extension and backhaul applications.






ISDN Terminal Adapters

The ISU Series: ISDN service units, including terminal adapters and inverse multiplexers, for data applications such as videoconferencing, LAN/WAN connectivity, and T1 /E1 backup.






Integrated Access Devices

The ATLAS Series: Powerful and versatile enterprise-class Integrated Access Devices (IADs) capable of both dedicated and switched access in a single host-site chassis. These devices perform as TI / E1 multiplexers, 1/0 digital  cross-connect switches, Frame Relay acces devices / concentrators / switches, IP routers, inverse multiplexers, and PRA ISDN switches.